My Desktop

Very fast shipping O_o

Case is HUGE.

Nothing else to it lol

No room for it :S

Thank you Thor, Stevie, and everyone else that helped pick out the parts!


WTF did you do? Overnight it

That’s pretty sexy Cheater.

Nope. NewEgg always gets to my house the next day lol

Jesus, the warehouse must be close to your location lol.

How much did that all cost?

You deff live right next door to Newegg’s warehouse…

Looks good, now put that **** together and post more pics.
EDIT: just think about it…those beautiful hands helped make this site.

I can tell you’re Italian.
Anyway, nice PC. I’m a bit jealous.

Nice PC… You posted this like yesterday. Can’t believe you already got it :\


By his hands?

Dat hand. Dem balloons.

Damn amazing build :o nice setup btw lol.

Helium balloons are always nice… and that’s a huge *** tower. :smiley:

How many of those Xbox actually work?

How many xbox’s DO YOU NEED CHEATER?!?!?!

I suck dat helium in so I can sound like Justin Bieber.

Lol @ the balloons you can never be to old for them. Anyways DAMN you got all of that in 1 day im jealous. And 8 XBOX’S jesus…

Very nice and i second cody im jealous to

HOLY **** !

Do you live in CA? If so NewEgg’s HQ is in CA. Why did you get a intel? LOL

NY. They have a warehouse in NJ as well.

Intel is awesome?