MY first try at graphic design... EVER

Hi! I needed an icon for my most recent application so I decided I’d take a shot at designing one myself. I think it looks fairly good, but let me know what you think.

It was very easy to make.

Let me know what you think!

What is this application called and revolve around?

It’s called Azura. It’s meant to make getting music off of YouTube extremely easy.

The main project page can be found here.
The GitHub page can be found here.

I was just messing around and then I thought, “I guess that kind of looks like an A”.

Pretty cool, I mean the logo doesn’t look bad at all too be honest. I am not a fan of the layerstyle that much, but overall it isn’t that bad.

Hahaha, well I’m not graphic designer, I’m a computer scientist. Not to mention I myself didn’t really do anything special, it was all in the power of Pixlr.

thats sick, I like how it glows at the tips of the fire

Sweet dude! It definitely looks like an A. I’d say it fits your program pretty well for some reason

Edit - It looks sexy when pinned to the taskbar

I like it, both the application and the graphic.
…for some reason I thought of Frostwire when I saw it was a music application. Lol
Thanks for sharing!

Is the application for ripping the audio from the YouTube video?
(I normally get my music from YouTube so I’m interested in downloading.)

Liking how it looks! It does remind me a little bit of the pokemon fire energy card. :smile: