My First Twitch Overlay!

In a thread that nik made, TR0Y challenged nik to create a Halo HUD/Visor Twitch Overlay, I took on his challenge.

This is my first one so feedback would be appreciated.

Here it is:

It’s nice! I had a more translucent idea mind like this…

And was going to replace the Mini Map with either a logo or a live camera feed.

Like this ?

Yes but when playing/streaming, you will still be able to see the gameplay just like to you would when playing Halo.

Hmm, I actually like this this concept…with a few more tweaks I feel as if this could actually be a very nice overlay! (ex: Placing the typical stream advertisements in the right areas so it still looks like a HUD.)

Very nice job if you ask me, especially for being your first Twitch design!

Could you elaborate on these advertisements ? Then I’ll will add them in to this overlay.

Top left, top donations.

Bottom left, camera of streamer in radar.

I really like this concept. I would use it for my streams


Here are two more versions, both have the top donator added:

Without Face Cam Label:

With Face Cam Label

Well, everything varies from streamer, but I was referring to things like:

  • Internet Persona
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Face Camera
  • Top Donator(s)
  • Recent Donator(s)
  • Recent Subscriber(s)
  • Logo (if the person has their own brand)
  • Sponsorships (ex: Astro Gaming / SCUF Controllers / etc.)
  • Etc. (there is so much other things in which people could add to their overlay)

Again, everything varies, but I’m sure you could use the basic variants and make a nice overlay!

Yeah that but translucent


Sorry about the bottom line, I’ll fix that soon !

Fixed It:

Here’s one with a gradient:

Has anyone got any advice or improvements that I could make? After all this is my first one.

Id make the writing a different colour. Just so it stands out more.

The gradient effect looks nice!

I wish I wasn’t so busy for I could attempt this challenge :stuck_out_tongue: give me a bit and I will see what I can do.

I wasn’t expecting “Labogani” to take this challenge aswell, you were the one I offered the challenge to originally. I look forward to your efforts!

I might do a challenge in the future, like maybe a design for money type thing if that is allowed, I will be sure to bring it up to staff before I post it. I think it will be cool.

Here is the one Labogani made for me. I tried to stream but OBS sucks compared to Shadowplay.

Once I have sorted OBS I will use it again