My friend needs help tracking someone hacking him

Hey guys! I need help. Well to say it better, my friend needs help… He has been hacked. And he thinks all his stuff is goin corrupt. I need someone to help my my friend track down the persons ip address… So we can see if there’s going to be a problem or not. So if someone could help plz message me via
Kik: Richard
K thx for reading this. Sincerely: Richard

His computer is a del pc

If the guy is smart enough to actually hack your friend(very unlikely) then he is smart enough to use a VPN. There will be no tracking him down. Tell your friend to wipe his PC and take the loss. Then tell him to quit downloading questionable stuff and he won’t have to worry about it again.


I don’t want to come off as cynical right away but if your friend was “hacked” the IP won’t help. Even if he didn’t use a VPN having his IP does nothing for you to stop whatever it is he did.
IPs are kinda useless for tracking people unless you own the ISP. Or you are the government.

Plus if you tracked someone terrorizing you on your computer, what are you gonna do? Mail him a mean letter?


Gotta love a hacker that takes full control of your computer and just slowly corrupts unimportant files.


Well, there is not much to add, your friend wasnt hacked, most likely he has his pc infected with a trojan virus.

When i read i though you just wanted someone to teach you how to trace IP and you came up with that story hahah

Shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff unless he downloads malware or goes to bad website and the IP part that wouldn’t do anything other than show his location and some info

Well then. I could do it but you know. Since I live in germany it would be Illegal since I would’ve hack into ISP’s database. Other then that like otheres said he probably only has a Virus. Just delete all files and reinstall Windows done.
VPN is not a big deal but it’s just not worth it. People like me take up to 50.000€ For something like that (Part of my work is hacking into databases to check security) . So… get some money. I’ll do it. You have no Money. Do what Chris said

as long as financial information wasnt taken, id recommend reformatting the computer and getting a better antivirus software in the future. I can recommend some for you if you want, also get an anti malware software, and use common sense online when it comes to downloads :slight_smile:

Hey. I wanna thank you for being prob the most helpful by far. But my friend is getting everything broken into. Including his email, messages, apps downloaded, they’re getting into everything… He thinks it is his wife, since there getting into a divorce. And all he wants to do is get some prof that it her. Bc she is getting some rl sensitive info. And not doin it legally.

Considering how intrusive AVs are, flagging even innocent programs if they use some APIs to modify another program, i doubt a trojan or keylogger is present that is continuously stealing this info. But even if that happened all your friend needs to do is wipe his PC, install Avast or any of the annoying AV that is enemy number one to trainers, turn on heuristics scanner and he will never get hacked (without his own stupidity).

As for tracking his hacker, i think you have been watching too many movies. That’s all i can say. Getting a divorce is a painful thing so he might just be paranoid or someone is getting his sensitive info by social engineering or spying on him. Hackers do amazing things in movies or watch dogs 2, the reality is pretty different…

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Yeah, just wipe the computer and get an effective antivirus.

And if the hacker is good enough to hack into computers like what you are describing, they should be able to not make it that obvious to a non-tech savvy human. Unless they just want to mess with the victim of course, then your story would make sense.

get a new email, reformat the phone and computer, n ull be golden.
EDIT: and don’t forget antivirus software, anti malware might be good too :slight_smile:

Well I can track them but he doesn’t like my price… It’s pretty easy tbh. But I just want someone that might do it for cheap xD. Also I did a lot of checks in his stuff and I can verify that he is getting hacked

So you have the ability to help him, yet you don’t. Not the best friend imo.

Anyway, this is not a site for hiring blackhat hackers.

lol I don’t wanna… He does, I did this bc I owed him a favor. That’s the only reason why I even posted it

Well that favor was wasted then. I seriously doubt any blackhat hackers are lurking around looking for jobs here.

This thread has gone far enough. If someone is actually hacking him then report it to the local authorities or FBI. There is nothing here we can do that is legal.

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