My horizon is not working

Please guys, help me, i brought the diamond stuff, downloaded the horizon and now i can’t even start the horizon. It just appears a “Horizon” icon and then notthing happens… please help me!!!

Try downloading and installing .NET Framework 4. If I’m correct, I believe you must have at least version 3.5 to run Horizon, but that version 4.0 is recommended.

thx for the solution, but now it doesn’t connecting to the server, anyway thx for the help

Uninstall Horizon and then reinstall Horizon after downloading it from this link: If it still won’t connect to online then try temporarily disabling your antivirus and firewall, if it connects with those disabled make an exception in them for Horizon and it should connect from then on. If this doesn’t work give us some more info, what OS you have, what Anti Virus, and any other info that you think might help.

I have kind of the same problem,
Horizon wont start,
I double click on the .exe and after a while, a window shows up saying “Horizon has stopped working”.
I have the latest version of Horizon, NET Framework 4, NET Framework 3.5 and Windows 8.1
And i have tried everything nothing seem to work

if wont work try Horizon Completely Support Version maybe works.

horizon is not running on my mac how what software should i use?:help:

Horizon is not compatible with OSX. You will need to run a virtual machine or install boot camp if you want to use it.