My horizon keeps saying horizon is running in offline mode

my horizon keeps saying horizon is running in offline mode

you have limited access to modding tools

can some 1 tell me y

pizz asap

Do you have an anti virus?

If so disable it then run Horizon as admin.

no i do not have a anti virus

Alright then try deleting your Horizon you have now,

Re-download here: Horizon - CNET

Then delete these two folders on you HDD (XboxMB and Xenocode)

To find them:

Go to;

Delete the folder called;
Xenocode and XboxMB

Then again try running Horizon.

wha do i type in at the YOURUSERNAME bit

The user name on your computer.

But if you are getting the error that you have posted here -

Non of this is fix your problem please read my last post found here -

k do u no how long it will take

i what to mod gears of war 3 online

Well there is no ETA on the update as of now, you can send a save to a Horizon Pro and they can mod it to what you want since you have diamond.

Horizon Pros are found here:

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Influence

XboxMB - Xbox Message Boards - View Profile: Sam

Just private message them your save and what you want.

if i mod my gears of war save

like i have

lvl 100
all skins
but i i tell him to put my stats to legit d u think i will get ban

If you go from a low level to a very high level you have a high chance or getting banned.

“With modding there is always the change of being banned.”

If you need anymore help feel free to message me or post on my wall.

but how will thay tell if i put my stats to legit

lvl 100

Or you could just let Hero borrow your account and he can do the transfer glitch. You’ll get 3rd 're up level 100, all camos, all characters, bunch of Onyx stuff. And there is no risk of being banned that way.

Try the following to get Horizon online:-

  1. Go on CMD and type Ipconfig/flushdns
  1. Run Horizon Again
  2. If not fixed, allow a exception in all Anti-virus and firewalls.

Usually it’s because your anti-virus is blocking Horizon’s access from your PC, or you need to allow Horizon as a trusted application through Windows Security settings. To ensure that Horizon’s marked as ‘safe / trusted’, go through the following steps:-

1. Click on your PC’s ‘Start’ button and then go to ‘Control Panel’

2. You should see a setting entitled ‘System and Security’; click on that

3. You’ll see ‘Windows Firewall’ then ‘Allow a program through Windows Firewall’

4. Click to allow a program through your firewall, and then proceed to search for Horizon on your PC

5. Click apply whenever you have Horizon checked and then try running Horizon through administrator.

Those are some of the steps I have used in the past to get my Horizon from Offline mode. It may appear differently depending on your PC’s operating system. Best of luck fixing your issue.

If it came down to it you could probably just hop on Tor. That’s how I got on when we had that big issue with offline mode a while back.

hop on Tor. ?

It’s a program used to provide anonymity while browsing the web but since it assigns you another ip you can usually run horizon in online mode. Not exactly sure how it works but it does.

are you in the uk

Nope. Why?

ohh right

wen you do the gears of war 3

mod can you do it to my dummey account so i no ur legit

Yea sure.