My (Late) Introduction

Hey everyone just figured I should maybe make a post in here. First off I am trying to be more active but other stuff keeps coming up. My name is Hakan and I am currently living in Minnesota U.S. Gaming wise I have been modding gamesaves for a number of years. The games I play vary but most of the standard stuff like CoD,Battlefield, Metro (both 2033 and Last Light) minecraft etc. I currently own a Falcon RGH and a Falcon retail console (needed to play Destiny). I know this isn’t much but it is open ended so feel free to just ask any questions you may have.

Welcome man! Try to get active, you’ll enjoy it around here.

I am sure I will. If you look at my profile you will notice the join year of 2012. I mostly just registered to use the Horizon program but will be getting more into the forum side as well.

Hello and welcome mate…
My (late) welcome :stuck_out_tongue:
Be more active and enjoy!!