My most recent toy

I got an Evo laser from Wicked Lasers. They were having a huge sale so I bought one in November and it showed up last week.
I think lasers are pretty awesome so I wanted to buy one that I would consider an “entry-level” one just to have some fun with.
It’s a 75mw green laser (532nm) and it came with 6 different lenses for some fun effects. It has variable power modes and strobe settings. Along with a “SmartSwitch” so you can’t turn it on unless you know how.

I tested it a bit outside and makes a really nice beam and goes pretty far in the sky.
It isn’t a crazy powerful one but It’s still something to take seriously because it can easily blind someone if not used properly. For reference to those who may not know, in the U.S. a laser pointer (used for presentations) must be under 5mw output. Anything higher can not be sold as a pointer or demonstration laser product.



That is pretty bright !

Wasn’t there someone else who had some really cool lasers and gave one away on this forum? It was loonnnggg time ago now.

EDIT: I found the thread I was referring too!?highlight=Laser . It was Lolvo. The lasers seen inside this thread are like LightSabers on a diet!

I don’t know what I was expecting from the thread title.

Looks fun, I can’t see a huge reason for the smart switch part of it though. Unless you are really paranoid about someone stealing it or using it to blind someone else when you aren’t paying attention.

I thought of that too when I read the OP. There was also a general discussion thread on it too I believe, maybe 4-5 years ago?

Holy damn. I just looked one up, and they’re $150… damn dude…

No pictures? (even though there is Google)

That’s awesome though Travis, I completely forgot about those awesome lasers, but wanted one back when Lolvo was hosting that Giveaway; especially when he brought up the fact that they sell those pointers that will burn through things. (ex: Playing cards, Wood, etc.)

Thanks for sharing!

I realize you purchase an “entry level” pointer, but what do you plan to do with it?
…or did you just purchase one to say “Yeah, I own this.” and it’s a cool thing to show off to friends/family?

I’ve always loved the idea of getting a laser but they’re so expensive I can’t justify buying one. Nice to see you’re enjoying it so far, they seem like they would be a lot of fun to play around with at first but that they’d also get boring after a while and become unused. Would still be cool for bonfire night and other things like that.

Yeah Lolvo and Cheater both own some nice ones.

Really just for safety in case someone who doesn’t know how dangerous they can be gets a hold of it.

Luckily they had a sale lol

To blind random people as I walk down the street. Then take their wallet

I don’t get it why buy a laser ? whats the point in it

Laser Pointer

Some people just like them and like to point at things.