My MW3 Sniper Rifle Idea

Heres my idea… I think there should only be ONE semi-auto sniper rifle… and the rest should be bolt action… and here are the unlocks and guns I had in mind!

Starting sniper- McMillan TAC-308

Second sniper- Springfield M25 White-feather

Third Sniper- M40A3

Fourth Sniper- Barrett 82A1 semi .50 cal

And the fifth and last sniper rifle to unlock… the M200 (Intervention)

Discuss on my idea, feel free to correct my opinion and please state your reason!

Of course you unlock the Cheytac M200 Intervention last. It’s just that sick :smiley:

It actually is lol, its one of the best sniper rifles ever made! :laughing:

If the Intervention actually came over…

Ohh boi would I be happy. =))))

I like your ideas, but honestly I would rather see 5 new sniper rifles. I understand that they’re cool and all but it gets boring. All they do to those is change up a couple of things, re skin it, add some new camos and boom. new gun.

I just want something new that I haven’t been playing with for the last 2 years.

Do want!

I like the mcmillan tac 50 better.

I personally want to see a game where there is not a single semi-auto sniper rifle. bolt action is the way to go, also saves us from being sprayed by randoms with steady aim…

Eh, the McMillan and The Springfield are new… and so was the .50cal it wasn’t the one used on MW or MW2… but they should put the M200 and the M40A3 on MW3.

Why? The 308 is ten times better! :laughing:

Intervention vs M40A3. I can already see people fighting about that.

Just have both… >.< they are the 2 most popular guns in all the CoD games, why not have them both

No doubt the M200 would win… its more accurate and it can go almost 2miles without dropping…

Agreed :smiley:

I think the last guns should be this:

Open Me

Unlock at Max Prestige…For a Bajillion Peceso

It’s a video game, unless they make it like BF3, the bullets will never drop…so your statement is invalid >.<

i like.

Aslong as quick scoping is removed, I don’t care.

>.< people are gonna quickscope regardless.

How? Why do they complain about it on Black Ops then? Why won’t this fad die.