My old Samsung flip top mobile

My old Samsung flip-top phone I only use when I am out and about without the wife:-) anyway it stops me from going PRO because it is at least 10 years old so without buying a new phone which I really don’t want to do because I love this old phone, and I know I am missing out by not having PRO so that is that. stay safe everyone and have great gaming here on WeMod:-)


Ahh, the days when phones were just that - phones. Simple.
Nowadays the newer “phones” are everything you can possibly imagine all crammed into your pocket. A sort of modern Swiss army knife that’s so fragile it breaks if you try to open your beer bottle with it :laughing:. Sometimes simplicity is better.

I too have a Samsung, but it’s much newer and I barely use it other than for keeping in touch with family and the girlfriend. Much prefer to use my tablet for things like apps and WeMod’s Pro remote feature. There should be some pretty cheap tablets available these days if you’re interested in one. But like I said in another of your threads, there’s no obligation to go Pro, it’s completely optional. :slight_smile:

I hope you’re staying safe too! :slight_smile: :mask:

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Hi Ravenfyre, the phone is great and I am not a modern day Tech even though I can do many things to keep my pc going and that is about it, thanks for the message nice talking to people:-)
all the best stay safe:-)