My RGH won't Boot Games

Was playing fine two days ago on BO2 Jiggy Menu, then turned the console off to go to sleep. When I tried to turn it back on and play some games i pressed the Mp.xex file to load up BO2, but was met with a black screen then kicked to dashboard. I have no idea what would be causing this. Please someone help out

I have the same problem

on both mp.xex and on the disc started last night while downloading bo2 dlcs not sure what I did wrong lol

Are all games doing this or just BO2?
A few follow up questions:

  1. What dashboard are you using? (i.e FSD, Aurora, NXE, XeXMenu, or Metro?)
  2. What version of dashlaunch is installed, if any?
  3. What kernel are you on?
  4. How old is the HDD (internal or external)
  5. Has this happened before?