My save is damaged help please

I did everything right and then i go to mine craft to load it up to play and it says damaged save what do i do or what did i do wrong

please help

I replied to another one of your posts earlier. There are other methods to sign the Minecraft save/map to your profile. Try this method below and it should work for you.

Here’s how I added it:

  1. First I put one of my own saves onto my flash drive from my Xbox 360’s hard drive.
  2. Opened Horizon and opened my save in Horizon.
  3. Drag & dropped the Minecraft save into Horizon.
  4. Positioned my save to the right, and the Minecraft save to the left. Like this: [details=Open Me][/details]
  5. Copy and pasted the 3 separate ID’s from my save over to the Minecraft save. Simply hover over an ID of your own save and right click and choose copy, now hover over the corresponding ID on the Minecraft save and right click and choose paste.
  6. Check to make sure all 3 ID’s now match those on your save.
  7. Now click the Save, Rehash & Resign button, wait for confirmation, now do it again, once doesn’t always work.
  8. Now click the Save to Device button. Choose your device and select yes to save changes.
  9. Close Horizon and remove your flash drive.
  10. Put flash drive back in your Xbox 360 and locate the Minecraft save and move it to your hard drive.
  11. It should now be playable for you. Now play your new MC map!

I know there’s other methods to achieve the same result, but I don’t keep my profiles on my flash drive, they stay on my Xbox 360.

Try this method step by step and see if it works.