My son wants me to do mods, I don't know where to start

My son wants minecraft mods for xbox 360 and i don’t know where to start, i tried downloading the oPryzeLP tool but it won’t open

If you are new to this, downloading and using other peoples worlds are as far as you will get.

Also, I believe the oPryzel tool has been replaced by a paid version and the old free version no longer works. But even if you would pay for the oPryzel tool, you would only be able to access things that are already in the game, like adding blocks of birch or changing the time of day.

Do these worlds have anything on them that you wouldn’t normally see on the game?

Mods aren’t possible on MC when playing on a retail 360. You can use mods on the PC version and Jtag/RGH modified 360’s, but that’s it.

While these downloadable user created worlds don’t have anything in them you can’t create on your own, they sometimes are amazing and took a long time to create. You should check out the ones I left you a link for in your other thread.

ok thank you steve, i think i know why that world wouldn’t work, the person’s world was made on an xbox with no internet and the world had never been updated.

That’s definitely why. If you deleted the MC title update/s from your storage device it would probably load and your son could play it, but then he couldn’t play online and it would probably mess with his other worlds etc… Probably not really worth the hassle.

true that, good to have the confirmation, now I just have to figure out how to get my drivers updated ony computer to play the pc edition

i would try using youtube videos then you can start to get a handle on things

Start be downloading Custom game saves by various people its a start minecraft is such an easy game to mod.