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My Time At Portia Cheats and Trainer


It works great but one problem the freeze timer doesn’t unfreeze this sucks cause unless you enable at at 09:00 you’re crewed cause nothing is open when its need in the missions(only the church is open at 7am)


Can u add max friendship points so it’s easier to get a gf/Bride in the series the missions alone keep u busy


The My Time At Portia cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Max friendship and love would be great if it’s possible to add :slight_smile:


It’s a great game for Timer freeze wait until around 9am so you can complete quests,missions,buy stuff from stores and get gifts for you’re future wife




Hey man, thanks for all the work you do.

There’s a new update to MTAP and the current trainer version is useless, I hope you can make time to update this.

Thank you!


i like this game but all the retracking is so annoying… would be sooo happy if this Trainer/Cheat would be working again!


Yeah I love freeze time…I got so much done in this game it wasn’t funny…I unpaused it and it was like chaos with quests and that…I never thought in my life I had to mute a game because of notifications and crap going on around me. I managed to buy every bit of land around my cottage and upgrade all my machines, house and fence before day 1 lol


First Thx for the trainer :smiley: , but the game crashes when cheats is activated ):
i using steam version


yeah its a real shame for this nice game :smiley:


I have a wish, it is about the acquaintance as well as the love that she is completely full of people it just takes too long to get everyone full.


Make love, etc. full please :slight_smile:


Game crashes every time I activated any cheat (steam version)
& any chances we can have max relationship cheat?


Anther great cheat would be Max romance when Gifting somebody cause the game only allows you to buy one iteam/gift somebody once a day that’s stupid not to mention it takes aloong time for the romance points to climb up


An item cheat would be nice giving you 999 of an item when active


Cheats work but it crashed my game when I tried to enter my house, so all my hard work down the drain :sob:


sorry I’m french, but how do you do when you have the game on Steam and that the cheat code does not work? thank you


hey i tried using it and my game keeps on crashing cant use


pls update soon i lost all my prgression when last update happend so the trainer would be nice