My Time at Sandrock Cheats and Trainer for Steam

It’s only for singleplayer.

What’s not working for you?

I can’t get any of the mods to work, everything turns off as soon as I activate them. Please update soon :grin:

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An update to the cheats would be awesome! For me Infinite Stamina is not working!


Anyone else having issues with the knowledge point not working while using wemod? I mean, I just keep the points saved up and close my mods before I leave the game to put the points where I want them but is anyone else just completely losing the knowledge points if you try to put them in while wemods is ACTIVE?

I also can’t get the knowledge point system to work using wemod. I keep gaining points that I don’t need and can’t decrease them. The trainer also causes a bunch of freezes for me lately whenever it’s active. I think after all the recent updates, the trainer needs some maintenance at least.

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Sorry, but I used “Unlock All Cooking Recipes cheat” and it has not all recipes for cooking. Please could you update it?

Thank you for your attention.

Infinite Water Storage seems to be working fine, but for me, Infinite Fuel is not. Not a huge loss, since I’m also using Infinite Items and keep “making” Dregs for fuel, but… Any updates soon, or…?

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for me all mods I use are working, except “set jumping height” doesn’t work anymore

hello it also said im running 32bit and the mod is for 64bit. how to fix this?

Will there be updates or fixes for these cheats? The Fast Production and Cooking creates duplicate items that then can’t be used on the assembly bench. The WeMod application does not have a button for this game to request or vote for updates.

Yep, a little update would be nice, a cheat to edit the number of tokens/badges would be a good addition I’ve seen it was already requested some time ago.