My Truck doesnt have a AUX Input

I asked friends, and searched google, and even though my truck is a 2010 model it doesnt have a AUX Input and I hate the radio…is there any adapter you guys can suggest where I can plug my phone and listen to music from there?

something like that bruh

Lol my truck doesn’t take cassette tapes but something like that I guess lol

depends on the type of audio device you have. I think they have something that can transmit your Device through the AM or FM waves. LIke This


Or This

Link 2

Wtf kind of truck do you have that can’t even handle bluetooth or aux on a stock car nowadays…

2010 Ford F-150 I don’t know why why it doesn’t have a AUX input

OPT I have a iPhone 6

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I believe the Ford radios have an open AUX port in the back of the radio. You’d need to pop out the radio to check then you can run a cable to your glove box or center console if you wanted.

I have my iPad wired into the rear of my head unit and it sits in my glove box.

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Ehh I dont think I can get it off…I recently got it can it be anywhere else in the truck? Like away from the radio?

My friends AUX input is in the glove box for some reason

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If it is that new I am positive it has auxiliary ports. Like it was mentioned, they might be in the back but depending on the ports in the front you might be able to find an adapter.

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this is your best bet. It has a aux input on it and supports alot of other stuff aswell

The newer Ford’s with Sync have them in the center console usually. Radios are really simple to take off. What model radio do you have?