My xbox is talking to me!

ok i dont know what has happened when i go home or anything my xbox will say it for example if i put my clicker on gta5 it will say gta 5 same with everything even read my comments wtf lol

sounds like you got a text to speech thing going on, think there is something about that in the settings

Yeah, must be someone pranking uou. I did it with my friend, then the Xbox read everything, he got so mad and could nor understand how to remove it xD

Yeah, It’s either text-to-Speach or schizophrenia. Either way, use a tinfoil hat for protection.

i fixed it in settings i don’t know why it was on tho lol

Go to settings then go to Ease of access and Narrator did the same thing to me it randomly turned on and i didn’t know what it was