My Xbox LIVE Bio... Can I get banned?

Here is what it says:

Lies you spit are harmless to me your spite your greed your envy why do you stoop so low am i the last to know wheres your big mouth now hope your ****ing proud do you like your bruises now you make no sound is your lesson learned how the tables turn what were your intentions to hell with you now burn! Bullet For My Valentine!

Its lyrics to my favorite song.

keep all swear words blanked out, it is best if you don’t have them at all.
I got banned for 2 weeks for:

If it has curse words then yes.

Keep it like FU*K not the real word and ull b fine

censored or not, don’t have swear words.

whanne know what my bio says its says
Bill Gates can suck a d*ck.
still no suspension
you can only get suspended

i got banned for saying sh++

Xbox LIVE’s Code of Conduct

I don’t understand the point in having to curse in your bio anyway. I just put my YouTube, Gamebattles, PayPal name in mine.

This is why I hate Microsoft lol

Its lyrics in my case thats why its cursing. But if it wasn’t lyrics I wouldn’t.

It’s because of the amount of kids on Xbox we shouldn’t have our youth cursing now should we?

Dirty word get you banned

I got banned for 2 days for having pimp so i would change it if i were u

Playstation allows it lol. But I only play Cod and Halo… So they’ve heard it in the campaigns lol

Only thing wrong with you’re Bio is the foil language,Try removing that completely and replacing it with a different word,Which has no bad language,Beside’s that it’s great!.

Don’t have swear word. I’ve been banned so many times for it -.-

yes if you have any type of profanity in your bio its bannable

Didn’t know >.<

Microsoft are Gay.! Nuff Said