My xbox mic won't work?

It was working before, I was talking to someone. We where in a private chat playing public Search & Destroy on MW2.
He left the game, I left the game. He said he was going to be right back. He stayed in the chat.
I went on a split screen game, logged in my SECOND PROFILE that has NEVER connected to Xbox Live, started the game. Got bored after like 5 kills, ended the game, logged the profile out, turned the controller off.
My friend left the chat into our party to talk to a girl, I left the chat and went into party chat. I can talk, they can hear me, I can’t hear them through my mic. I turned my TV up, put my voice settings on through speakers, and I can hear them and they can hear me.
I’ve changed the settings sooo many times, changed my account settings for voice to open, signed in and out, restarted my console, logged the second profile in again, changed the voice settings on that, signed it out, and repeated. I tried everything.

I don’t have an xbox360 issued mic, it’s a black one that GameStop sells and it works and I’ve been using it. It worked like 20 mins ago, then stopped. They can hear me, it’s detected on the game + party, but I can’t hear them…

Solutions D:

Unmute your mic or turn the volume up ?

Get out…
as stated above…
which would mean I DO HAVE MY MIC on.

  • my volume is always maxxed up, and is right now.

Go into the sound setting’s and make sure it’s on 10. Sometimes I do that. Also it sometimes happens randomly and might have to restart you xbox.

check the volume or maybe you messed up a wire

Maybe cord is broke.

I’ve redone those settings a sh*tload of times, and have restarted my console about 8-10 times.

It was working 3 mins before I played splitscreen

Worked 3 mins ago, and they can hear me.

Then it has to be something to do with inside the speakers. Did you sit on it or anything?

Nope, it was on my head the entire time I did all of that.

I have no clue then. Sorry. Hope you figure it out.

Hoping you guys would, I’ve been going crazy trying to figure it out >_<;

go buy another mic, put your broken one in the new one you bought and return it!

BAM solved your problem… Now Som1 close this thread…

Wait for the weather to get better i guess…

I can’t get out of my house, snowed in and they don’t plow my street well.
Need a solution that I can do inside my house and limited tools.