My xbox users was removed and i cant create users anymore

Hello there ,
I have rgh on my xbox.
before 2 days i think my little brother accidentally updated the software of the xbox.
since then all my accounts and saving were removed and i cant create users any more
what is the problem?
what can i do?
please help me!

well…sounds like he ****ed up.jk
sounds like he might have updated the console to the newest dash 17150,which unfortunately is not rghable,=\ and now the hardrive has become corrupted he system rejected the hardrive.Or it could just be a faulty Harddrive:thumbsup:

Full reset maybe?

the xbox version is 2.0.16203.0
full reset didnt help

I don’t think this is problem because I am on the latest dash update (17150) and my R-JTAG console is running fine online/offline.

Unless you mean you can’t install an RGH on Dash 17150?