Name a game you hate but like

I know it is an oxymoron but what I mean is
I hate Farcry primal because I started to play it around 9:30 pm just to check it out, and the infinity trainer, I planned on playing for about 30 minutes and ended up going to bed at 1:00 am. But I really like the game alot. So I hate it because I got to into it and went to bed late but overall I think the game is fantastic

I hate PacMan because I have to eat ghosts. Maybe the ghosts are ghosts of all the deceased PacMen that fell to the ghosts. It’s a real thinker for sure. But I like it because I can chomp so many of them damn ghosts in a singe game.

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Interesting thought, really changes the way you think about pac man

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whats funny is if you change the wording abit you could be talking about peoples relationship with CoD.
But yea world of tanks is an odd one, I never get to involved with it because games like that are fun with friends

I dont really have any game like that.
Maybe Witcher 3 tho, my friend betted that i wouldnt be able to finish it without cheats or glitches on death march :3

Soon only the last major boss left tho. Think i can make it