NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER Cheats and Trainer for Steam

is the unlamtet exp steal working

Last year was when I first got WeMod so that I could do a dojutsu glitch because a youtuber had a tutorial for it. I did it and then it convinced me to actually use the mods. I used the mods to just get a bunch of esoteric scrolls, but now it doesn’t work anymore and I’m unable to get scrolls, even after coming back from a solo mission. Do I have to pay or something?

Would it be possible to implement something like getting esoteric scrolls?

Is it possible for the menu to be updated to use for the new update or should it work regardless?

same question

In short most missions with bosses are almost unplayable because when i use the jutsus and spam them the bosses are invincible basically they take damage and i can never hit them enough times they go right back to 100% health and sometimes for instance with the kabuto and his snake mission i fight him and his snake at the same time and playing without wemod i see that i have to defeat the snake first or else kabuto will have infinite regenerating health maybe its in the game itself and you cant override it but hopefully you testers can check this out basically just go into maybe shukaku or just my mission specifically which is called " Hidden Leaf Forest Night Terrors" Please and thank you!!!

Edit: I just tested it out and for some reason in some missions its fine and i thought it was just a feature of the game that it waits for certain times but I just recently did a mission and i failed because of the time. While it was an s rank mission and one completely irrelevant to the story i just spent 3 minutes spamming a jutsu to try and kill the bosses and they kept going back to 100% health i think the game rate limits spam but I wanna know what you testers see

another update since i forgot how to edit or its simply not even showing me
basically i think the issue that should be tested is if theres a rate limit on the amount of spams u can do in a certain time frame because for some missions i think u just cant skip that far ahead without killing a boss or whatever or killing it a certain amount of times but in some missions were i
monitor my uses of my jutsus and try not to overdo it im able to get them however sometimes not
so i think it varies for each mission or everytime you load into a mission it varies so please if you guys can look into it because itd be amazing if this was permanetly gone and i can just spam as much as i want to fly through missions of course everything is being done in singleplayer

everytime i load it up i keep booted few seconds in

а можно ли играть в мультиплеере против игроков?

No. WeMod is not designed to be used in multiplayer.

параметр No Skill Cooldown не работает

The NARUTO TO BORUTO: SHINOBI STRIKER cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

I’m sorry, I don’t know if you know about this but I wanted to tell you. Whenever you use the Unlimited Health option, that applies to your opponents too. They will lose health but if you don’t kill them quickly, they regain their health completely. I was hoping that could be changed?

im kinda confused about the trainer,i played a lot with the trainer and got max lvl and many scrolls and got good weapons,i deleted the trainer and loged in again and when i opened the game again to play with cheats,it was from the begining with no ss weapons that i got or max lvl and stuff. is this normal or did i fuq up something

Is there a possible way to get unlimited esoteric scrolls?

Use Cheat Engine. Here’s a link for a video that shows you step-by-step on how to do it. Happy item-hunting to y’all, I know you’ve been wanting this for a while.

is this meant to kill matchmaking for me, just used too level up masters and i can no longer get pvp lobbies even with the trainer off :frowning: is ttis meant to happen and im just retarded?