NBA 2K11 Mod Tool

tittle says it all just made it and thanks to Braxton for helping me
this tool raises your stats to 99



Edit: Still add screenshots, but i used it not really much of a tool just maxes your stats but gj anyway, this will be good for the really lazy people

There coming ok got emm
edit: yeah I know i just saw a post where someone wanted it in horizon so I was wanting to practice coding so I made it

You didn’t have to give me credit in the actual program. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just glad to help out.


This is a simpler version of what I used before to max stats. Lol I love joining my player pick up games and my guys a 99 and all the noobs are only 30’s LMAO and I just dunk all over them!! hahah I LOVE MODDING!!

well you basically gave me half the code lol for the whole program that’s all I needed to know

:smile: Code should work great as long as the offset is static.

I’m pretty sure it is

I’ll test it right now. Thanks a lot for the upload btw =D

I don’t think it’s working properly, it edits the stat points to a negative number making it impossible to add points and doesn’t raise any of the stats. Hmm

Yep tool is broken

Wow. Modding a Sports Video Game?
What have us modders come too… Lol

what about a modding tool for NHL 11?