NBA 2K11 Uncapping My Player

Hey everyone I was just wondering how you uncap your My Player, I cannot find any real tutorials on how to do it, can somone please help me?

Dutch OG lol nice name. Sorry but I don’t no how to help just thought you should no your name is funny

Lol thanks, do you know of anyone who can help me?


I have never played this game so this could be wrong. It’s not my tutorial so again it could be wrong.

credit to some dude on se7enkids

Things You’ll need

                                      1. Usb Flash Drive (simplest way)
                                      2. Modio ( link below )
                                      3. NBA 2k11 Update Version 1.2

                     You do not need usb explorer because Modio has one built in it.

                                           How To Mod your player
  1. Plug the USB Flash Drive into your Xbox 360. Under the My Xbox Panel scroll completely to the right until you see System Settings. Click system settings, go down to memory. You’ll see storage devices. You need to configure your usb flash drive to compatible storage device for your 360. Make it no less than 1gb available!

  2. Next, you have to get your player onto your usb. You need to start up NBA 2k11, go to My Player Mode, Create a new player ( I’m not sure if the mod works with an already active player). This player needs to be exactly how you want him, as in personal information because you can not change the information afterwards.

  3. After you have created your new player, save it directly to your USB not your Hard Drive

3 extended. If you saved it to your Hard Drive you can simply resave the player onto your usb then delete the other one off your hard drive. Or, you can go back to system settings > memory >Hard Drive > Games > NBA 2k11 > My Player > Move it to your USB.

  1. Now, unplug your flash drive from your 360 and plug it into your computer. Open up Modio, click the M in the top left corner. Go down to Explore My Device. Once you get there go to Open/Close Device > Content > Gamesaves > NBA 2k11 My Player. ( It won’t say exactly that but you’ll see it). Once you get to the My Player gamesave, right click it then click extract. Extract it to your Desktop for easy access.

  2. Open up the Nba 2k11 program, once you’re in it click file, open, and open your the saved player from your dashboard. There will be 2 sections. One for Skill points and the other simply to put all stats at 99 by simply typing DE. What you pick is your choice. Afterwards save.

  3. Open up the moded profile in it’s folder. Drag the profile into Modio (the original light blue screen when your first open it. Your file should pop up there. Then, click rehash and resign. Exit out that screen.

  4. Click the M in the top left screen in Modio > Explore my Device > Open/Close Device > Content > Gamesaves. Now, right click under your original gamesave, click insert. Now insert the the new moded gamesave and delete the old one.

  5. Click Open/Close Device to save it. Take the the flash drive out your computer and plug it into your 360. Start up NBA 2k11 load the player off your usb and there you go. Don’t forget to move it back to your Hardrive or just save it to your hardrive.

Yea I tried that, but the program won’t run right for me, I’m wondering if there’s a HxD way to do it.

Go here, it’s easier to read: [NBA 2K11] 99 Overall My Player Hack | Se7enSins Gaming Community

Found an HxD way. It was posted by a mod at se7enkids so it should work.

NBA 2K11 My Player 99 Overall Hack
The first written tutorial ever!

What you will need:
HxD NBA 2K11 Transfer Cable, or Flash Drive Xport360, Xplorer360 etc. Hard Drive This tutorial

Steps: 1. Extract your game save file to your desktop (“something”.CMG) _2. Open your .CMG file in HxD _3. Locate offset: 00019A90 _4. Then enter the following, replacing the old hex: 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 _5. Save your .CMG in HxD _6. Then exit out of HxD, then open your .CMG in a Rehash & Resigner (Modio etc.) _7. Rehash and Resign _8. Place the .CMG back into your Hard drive, or flash drive. 9. Then raise all your stats to achieve an overall of 99 _ How to avoid getting banned!

  1. Copy and paste the old hex into a text file - 2. Then insert the new hex (as seen above) - 3. Once you have hex edited the offset, while offlineraise your players stats to 99.- 4. Go back to hex editor then paste the old hex back into the same offset. - (Therefore putting in the same amount of skill points you had before modding it)_ Have Fun and Good luck! *Note: If your on Vista or above you might need to run your Rehash & Resigner and/or HxD as an administrator

*I’m not offering this as a service nor imply to do so.

*Also, as of now I do not know how to mod height or weight (the old methods were hot-fixed). If at anytime I figure out, or someone else releases them, I will update the OP, or make a new thread. Any AIM’s or PM’s asking for this will be redirected to this topic.


Tried that one too, but it’s only skill points, it doesn’t uncap your player.

I’m not too good with games I’ve never played. What exactly does uncapped player mean?

Also try this:

It means that you can put your player to 99 in every skill and whatever height you want them to be.