NBA 2k12 Mod Tool

Found this on youtube and it worked for me. I know alot of people were asking for this tool, so hopefully this will help them out.

Video is not mine, neither are the programs.
Just follow what the guy says and you’ll have max stats on your NBA 2K12 My Player.

Worked for me, I have all 99 attributes and GREAT abilities.
Running a Norton Anti-Virus scan now, so if you don’t trust the links, just wait, and I will post my test results.

Edit: Norton Results: Nothing found. :smiley:

nicee post thank you.

Scan it on virustotal. Norton won’t prove **** if it’s crypted. Just saying.

thanks only problem i’ve had is it doesn’t help the low post

Thanks for the share. The tool looks great.

Welcome guys!
The only thing that did not work for me is the money. And I need money because I plan to buy D Rose’s jumper, and a nice dunk package. :smiley:

I’m glad this tool helped you guys!