NBA 2K12 My Player Modding

Is there any legit modding tools out to mod 2K12 my player???

At the moment I don’t believe so. You try hexing your player data.

I got this from another user on a different board.

Ok, I got it to work. Let me explain what I did. Disclaimer, I have only used a Hex Editor twice in my life, this being the second. I figured out how to use Hex Workshop on my own in a few minutes, so you can too. If you have problems navigating your way around the app, they have tons of resources to help you. From my understanding, any hex editor worth anything has a compare feature.

Tools I used were Modio 3.0 and Hex Workshop 6.6

Step 1: Create your My Player, get through the Rookie game and drafted. Once you are in the main game and able to save, create two different save games.

Step 2: Apply some of your skill points to your character.

Step 3: Save your game to one of the two save games, but not the other.

Step 4: Using Hex Workshop or something similar, use the compare tool to load both save games.

Step 5: Filter the information based on Replacement data only as well as Hex offsets for both

Step 6: Now you will need to look for Offset 0027313E among the filtered data.

Step 7: Once found, maximize the window so that you can see number 0 - B. This should display the offset to the left as 00273138

Step 8: Copy the original string for later use to prevent being banned as stated in the original post.

Step 9: Replace this string now with 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99 01 99

Step 10: Save the file and follow the steps in the original post to inject the altered file and resign and rehash

Final: Load the game and you should have roughly 29 million skill points.

I hope that helps to clear up some of the confusion re: Offset. I too found merely searching for 00273138 did not return the working field to edit.

Finally, if someone has the working offset for money, that would be great Enjoy!

It’s easy to make a tool for the skill points, I already know someone that did. Just follow what the kid above me said :smile:

Can you upload the tool?

yes there is i did mine yesterday

Yeah I was looking for a tool for skill points and money

NBA 2K12 Mod Tool - Advance - YouTube That one has the tool

First you should have asked “ARE there any legit modding tools out …” Not “IS there any …”

And a “legit modding tool” is kind of an oxymoron.

You try hexing your player data.

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