NBA 2K17 for 360

any mods yet or soon to come?

360 is a dying platform, work are focused on Infinity.

Its nothing offical with this message, but i would say probably not.

They actually said a while back that they would make one, don’t think they have said anything about them changing their mind after that, so it could still be possible.

Although they would probably have made the editor already if they wanted to.

Ah, didnt get that memo.

Still tho, it is probably a while to if they ever make it.
Since all the workforce are focused on Infinity.

We never said we would make one we said we would look into it. Unknown asked for the save files and no one responded so it went nowhere.

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We still have plans to do this. We’re tied up with Infinity, but it has not been forgotten :slight_smile:

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thank you all, hope you don’t forgate bout 360 ! you guys rock !!!

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