NBA 2K22 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

How do you grind vc quick in mycareer is scoring 30 points a game enough to get 1k vc? i made a triple double with A+ team grade HOF difficulty only net me 1.4k vc.

Been using this for about 2-3 years now. An I still haven’t been banned

Could the developer add the ‘end quarter’ function like 2k21 cheat menu had, it allows for easy skipping and its just a really nice feature

You can do it yourself if you know how to use memory search software.

Okay, I’m very annoyed at the fact that I’m paying an amount of money each month, and a simple feature that is detected(unlimited stamina) can still be activated in the WeMod, without stating that this option gets you banned instantly, does not matter where you use it. At least put up a warning, because I always check the (I) information next to a cheat option. This cost me at least 3 steam accounts with 3 copies of NBA 2K22, to only find out it was due to the “unlimited stamina” I only had Super player stats activated and unlimited stamina… But how can it be that this information is already publicly known as stated in this thread, but not updated within the trainer itself… So if your are new and gonna use this, be warned. I personally think it’s better if you go for the cracked version of NBA2k22, there is no online mode and also not possible to ban you.

I just played a tt offline game 7-38 from 3pt that’s not normal. And also when I’m open or wide open I always miss always got to be guarded to have a 20% chance to make it. I’ve used WeMod since 2K19 and this is just horrible. Thinking of switching to another. FIrst end quarter was removed and now playing on the rookie cant shoot.

3000 points let u get around 5400 vc, but u have to have hall of fame mode on

And is there a way to get a cracked 2k22 for free? I want a spare acc so if i get banned i can use that one

I recommend using NBA 2k22 tool. Google it, it will lead you to a specific forum. In combination with wemod it’s insane, you get a maxed out player that will mostly hit all of his shots due to the badges mod in nba 2k tool

I have not tried it, but the cracked version is out there. I’m on my last steam account if it happens again im going to try it out

isn’t the cracked version the one where you can’t play mycareer due to online stuff?

Is this trainer safe to use in MyCareer or is there still a chance at getting banned?