Need 2 34s for Trials Of Osiris

I need 2 34s for Trials of Osiris, People who are serious and know what they’re doing, not trying to go flawless or anything but if possible we can try flawless, A mic is not needed, will be starting 5:00 AM Tomorrow, Eastern Time (ET)

Xbox 360 GT:xXxAfterlif3xXx

Hit me up with a friend request or a message if my friends list is full.

A mic is not needed? Communication plays a huge part in ToO.

I understand that, but i’m just trying to get at least 5 wins for the boots not willing to go any higher so i couldn’t care less about it, so unless i’m playing for the Lighthouse or tryin’ to get Adept weapons or whatever they’re called i would put a mic in the required stuff.

Best of luck, my team and I were able to visit The Lighthouse two weekends now; I have yet to get anything that I feel is super nice, but I have been rewarded the Summoner (Solar burn), the Mask of the Third Man (Exotic Shard), the Trials of Osiris shader, a few average Trials of Osiris emblems, and a couple of materials (Motes, Light, Coins, etc.)!

I’m still waiting for the game to reward me:

  • The Messenger (Pulse Rifle)
  • Jewel of Osiris - Solar Burn (Handcannon)
  • [S]Trials of Osiris class item - Hunter[/S]

This weeks Trials of Osiris map, Pantheon, was a lot more entertaining than The Burning Shrine. I know everyone has their own opinions on which maps are good or bad, I just enjoyed this weeks tournament because the rounds weren’t over within seconds and every weapon class was able to be used so it made every match unpredictable!

Edit #01:
Last night two friends of mine asked if I was interested in helping them achieve flawless on their two remaining characters because their third man wasn’t online. Obviously, thinking of how much they’ve assisted me in the past with events like Iron Banner, I had no issues in assisting them so I joined without any hesitation. Our first run had zero issues, communication was on point, teamwork was there, overall we just couldn’t ask for an easier flawless run. But, that all seemed to change when they changed to their last characters. It’s not that we had lost whatever it was that we had in the first run, we just kept matching against squads that were either having connection issues or teams running with the “Final Round” perk on their sniper. Now I will say that we went 8-0 with the “Mercy” boon, but, of coarse, the final team just had to have the worst connection ever with the most annoying/pathetic perk ever! I still like Pantheon as a map, but, with that perk being present on a sniper rifle and the map having three lanes, I’d much rather play on The Burning Shrine!

TLDR; I tried to assist a few friends in getting to Mercury on their two remaining characters; succeeded once and failed the second. Make sure you inspect the enemy fireteam prior to the match starting to get an idea of what they are running with as weapons/gear because it can help with planning strats. If you run “Final Round” on your sniper rifle you’re pathetic.

Edit #02:
Helped out another friend reach Mercury and didn’t have any issues with connection or the “Final Round” perk! (That means I completed three flawless runs this weekend yet only have one character.) We tried a few different strategies to counter the annoying sniper perk and everything seemed to work perfectly. I know this isn’t much of an update, but I just wanted to share the news/accomplishment. (#brag joking)

I Just want the exotic emblem and maybe the shader and the helmet of the Exile, Also Pantheon is 10x better then the Burning Shrine, and i actually take it back that a team of no-mics can go flawless, we went 4-0 then we got rekt by a team of Try-hards, i need to wait till i can get a mic then i’ll try going flawless again.

I’m not feeling Pantheon too much this week. Spawning on Bravo side sucks hard. I’d like to see The Cauldron soon. Love that map.

That would be nice i love that map too, Only downside i see in this map is the amount of Shotgunners that play on it.

Also did anyone manage to get the Elder Cipher?

Why do favor “Alpha” side over “Bravo” side?

Yes, I lucky enough to get it after being Skolas for the first time. Bounty wise, it isn’t that difficult to complete, it just takes some time since their is a task that requires you to wait for Variks to summon you to The Reef, but overall I still feel as if the Thorn bounty is the hardest within the game if you aren’t that great at Crucible or don’t have many effective void weapons. (ex: Aren’t a Voidwalker Warlock which naturally has void as a weapon)

…after a few days or so I completed the bounty and chose the Queensbreakers’ Bow!

Hmm… i was thinkin’ of the Dreg’s Promise should i just go with it?

Hey, you can choose which ever weapon you want, I went with the Fusion Rifle is because I could actually see myself using that weapon. The other weapons don’t seem too bad, I just haven’t seen any gameplay with the two and don’t want to waste my Cipher on a weapon that I haven’t seen in action. Personally, whenever it is that I get another Cipher, I’ll be going with the Sidearm because I heard the bullets shot track enemies which sounds pretty nice/different.

…I don’t use shotguns that often, could maybe guess why with my username, but I’ll eventually get the weapon to re-complete my exotic list.

I’ll need a couple people later. Add me if you want o IHorney89 o