Need a good laptop - $500 Budget - 8gb of RAM

Need a good laptop for designing in Photoshop and Cinema 4d.

15 inch screen
Fast CPU

Budget: $500

Are you just gonna be using it to browse online or what? Did you want a certain sized screen?

I will basically use it to design things, just working in Photoshop and Cinema 4D. So a 15 inch screen would be great.

I was going to buy this laptop:

That one seems fine. I’d recommend buying an SSD for a boot drive and that will make a huge difference with any laptop. I put one in my older current laptop and it sped it up a lot.

I will definitely look into that, because I mainly need the laptop to be very fast considering I will be multi-tasking.

How about this?

it is $20 above your price thing though but it looks decent to me. Ask chris he’s my go-to person for computer stuff lol

No, I used them in middle school and they were terrible.

It looks decent man, but just like yours will be when you get it back, it’s manufacturer refurbished and sold as is. The only real difference is 4GB of ram. If I was in your shoes I would hope that ASUS repaired it properly this time, and I would keep it, after a month if it’s still working properly I would upgrade the ram and possibly throw in an SSD like Uzi suggested. Or there’s always the other option, save up for awhile and get something much higher end.

Manufactured refurbished isn’t that bad, I bought Turtle Beach XO Sevens for the Xbox One that you recommended and I love them.

Yeah… but headsets are completely different than a laptop. Honestly, I’d save more because that laptop is not that great for multi-tasking if that’s what you’re aiming for.

I understand that, but right now I am stuck using my phone and tablet to browse this site right now. My multi-tasking is pretty much Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Skype, and the internet.

I didn’t say it was bad, I own many refurbished things. I also fix alot of stuff that people give me and say is junk, so I know just about anything can be repaired properly and function like new again. I was just saying that I wouldn’t give up on yours just yet, and spend more $ on something that is pretty much what you already have.

Well the laptop that is being fixed is not really the same, it has no disk drive, and it is much more slimmer. I just really want to get a “new” laptop that actually allows me to do everything I need to do, burn CDs, design, Skype with friends, etc.

I completely understand. For some reason I thought you had a disc drive, as the majority of 15.6" models do. I remember looking into possible reset fixes when it first failed on you, just in case it was something like that causing it to not power up. Yours has the Core i3-3217U processor if I’m correct, which is better than what’s in the one you’re looking at. You can get external disc drives extremely cheap these days. I just don’t want to see you buy something that’s sold as is with only a 14 day warranty. If it happened to die on you, you’re screwed. Be wise man, and don’t rush it.

Are you not wanting a desktop? If so I’d recommend this site:

Or are you just wanting a laptop for portability?

Laptop for portablility.

C4D rendering time and even photoshop means that you need a faster CPU compared to anything else. If you don’t get a fast CPU, you will be stuck with very, very long rendering times once you move onto actual artwork or projects. Also despite screen size being your main point, I believe screen clarity will be more help to you. 6gb of RAM will most likely be fine too. If I were you I’d be getting a desktop for more power, but if you have to get a laptop I’d just wait a bit for more of a budget.

You need to not care about RAM. You need a CPU and a good one if you want to run those programs. The most you will find for $360 (new) is an i3 processor unless you’re getting a crazy old i5. Either way, they are not gonna be fast enough.
You would need a crazy deal to get anything worthwhile on that budget.

Okay I upped the budget to $500, that is pretty much all I have.

Refurbished is okay right?