Need a new graphics card ideas?

Well I feel that I need to upgrade my graphics card and I need to know something the graphics card I got right now is a evga 2gb gtx 650 ti boost and I was thinking of upgrading to a evga gtx 960 superSC question is will I see my fps go up a lot more and stuff I know my cards old and not that good but it runs pretty fine on most games I play on

I would wait for AMD’s 300 series and see how that does as far as price/performance because the die shrink in their new cards should make it a pretty considerable jump from the 200 series.
They don’t have any dates yet but they will announce them officially, at least by the end of the quarter I think.

960 from a 650 ti would be a good amount of difference. Id still suggest a 970 though

Is there any info about the 300 series or anything?

Haven’t got the money for the 970 so can’t really go for that else I would of picked that rather then the 960 from looking at the benchmarks for the 960 it seems it’s in the sweet spot for 1080p gaming and the price of it isn’t bad as well :worried:

The die shrink isn’t coming to the 300 series just HBM technology so it’s still on 28Nm, however first revision of HBM was restricted to 4GB which tbh at current times with games pushing upto and beyond 4GB that would be a bad move for their top tier card. So AMD have held back for revision 2 of HBM which allows AMD to use more memory.

At op what resolution do you game at? 2Gb isn’t a lot of Vram nowadays with new games coming out. You could potentially see upto nearly double FPS in certain games however you may hit that Vram wall which will cause stuttering.

What sort of games do you play too? These are important factors when making your choice, surprised no one has asked! Obviously Moba games wont be that demanding and same for MMorpg when it comes to Vram or RTS games.

No ****. Well I prob should have kept reading up on it LOL. I thought they were planning it on the 300 series. I kinda stopped reading about new GPUs since they all suck so much.
Bummer, thanks for letting me know.

Yea i know i was soo hoping for the transition to a new die shrink. I’m fed up of them milking 28Nm now lol. I guess the next series is when we will see any news of a new die shrink. I’m guessing Nvidia at the end of the year along with Pascal! Hopefully!! lol.

I caved in last night and got the 960 :laughing: got it today I guess I couldn’t help my self