App Horizon

Need assistance

I’ve used horizon for a long time now. Two days ago it started saying cannot connect to server and won’t open. Any advice would be great. And no my firewall is not blocking it.

Check this thread out: Failed to Connect to Server or are in Offline Mode? Look here!.

Done all that.

I’m pretty good with computers so it’s not gonna be something simple. I’ve used horizon since it first came out. It worked fine till two days ago.

Don’t know if you checked if .NET 3.5 is installed or enabled yet, but you can check if it’s active by going to Control Panel --> Search for ‘Windows Features’ --> Click ‘Turn Windows features on or off’

Make sure the box for .NET 3.5 filled in on the next window.


Yes it is active. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled and started all the steps over.

Not much else to check other than antivirus. I know you mentioned your firewall not being the issue earlier, but you didn’t say anything about having antivirus. AV is usually the reason why the connection error comes up. The Horizon folder to white-list is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Daring Development\Horizon.

Everything you’ve done so far would normally solve this issue which leads me to believe that something, whether your network or antivirus is blocking Horizon due to a recent settings change.

Yes I do not have an antivirus my windows defender is off. That’s why this makes no sense on why it refuses to work. I’ve been using the same network aswell.

Try deleting this folder then rebooting then reinstalling: C:\Users\YOURUSER\AppData\Local\Daring_Development_Inc.

This worked for someone else with a similar issue within the last hour.

I don’t know what team user is and my discord is messed up. Do you have Facebook?

Try to see if it works if you disconnect from internet the free tools should still work.

That’s the only thing I haven’t tried