Need Beta Testers!

What’s up guys? Guess what’s (hopefully) coming this week?

We need more people in the Beta Testing group to help us test out the game adder and other tools before we release the update :thumbsup:

If you’re interested and are willing to be dedicated to the project, post here explaining why and we will contact you.

Thanks a lot :smile:


I’d feel honored if I could beta test Cheater, that would mean alot to me!

I’ve had alot of months experience in modding etc… even doing it the manual way (yawn boring) without Horizon sometimes, I’d really love to be chosen for this to help you guys help us for when it’s released fully, I want this to be near perfect for the community.

Edit: I’m free from Mon-Fri also since I’ve taken a month off work so I would have alot of time and effort to put into this oppurtunity.

as i tested 4 you b4 :smile:
and i can help with debugging of errors as well :wink:

I would like to test it out!

Well I’ve never been chosen to test anything in my life.
I think this will be my first opportunity ever, I would love to help you guys make your tool/program better for our community to use

I’d love to beta test! I guess the reasons why would be that I have a load of spare accounts to use, know my way around modding/reversing and like helping the community. :smirk: This for example.

AIM: oscar19333

I think i deserve it since ive been a member since the old horizon and i know what to look for in betas i have tested over 1000 betas for xbox and other big sites and programs
Also im really looking forward to this so i would love to test this!
Also im very active on the site and i post good stuff and also im hosting a giant giveaway just for xboxmb
Aim me for contact or pm me

Same and it helps you guys out

I would like to beta test because i will test out basically everything. I have most of the games that are moddable on Horizon and I would like try the award unlocker,
and i will even try out the game adder as well.

And for most reason i would love to help out to Community on XboxMB and the Horizon developers.

Contact me: PM Me on XMB or AIM: xCMWMods

If I was a beta tester that would mean alot to me
I have been modding for almost a year now and i think i would be a good beta tester

I would like to be a beta tester because i would test out all the tools on my account and even see what the limits are before getting banned… Also like overdose i would be honored!

I think I’d make a good beta tester because I’m always on, I have a little bit of knowledge about programming that may be a little handy. I’d be willing to set some time aside to test the program. Hopefully you find me suit for the position :smile:

Contact me via PM or AIM: lolitsCodyy

I would like to be a tester (:

I want to because I think my participation in the project would contribute to the development of Horizon. I always loved to give feedback on games that were in Beta stages. My experience from giving feedback could help with the future release of Horizon.

Hope I get picked ~Navy

I would like to become a beta tester because I have been a member on this site since back in December last year, I spend a lot of time on this site and i an very active, I play a lot of games, I can get almost every single arcade game for free. I have a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to modding, and you will see me testing every single modding tool there is and reporting if it works and is there bugs with it, and i can also help you with anything because I am usually online 75% of the day. Thanks for giving us all a chance. Also, i know i might troll a lot but if you were to give me the opportunity to be a Beta Tester i would change my ways for good.

I would be Honored to be a Beta tester.
Helping this Program would be what i want to do. It will help me with my computer skills also. Please Consider choosing me.
Thank You.
I will keep everything on a low down so knowbody finds out until the realese. I have most of the Games aswell
Thanks for this oppertunity.
I have loads of free time in the next 2 weeks so i would be glad to use this time for this oppertunity

Am I too late?

I want to be one… wait i already am!!!

because i love horizon<3 and i can give really detailed feed back and i been waiting for the update so i can purchase horizon, im not well known around here but i am trust worthy
i can also use my computer skills and im always on and if i find a bug or something to improve i can tell a developer right away so it can be flawless :smiley:

I have plenty of time on my hands at the moment, I’m diamond, I’ve been on all the sites administrated by you, I have loads of profiles to mess around with, I’m have good common sense, I liek mudkipz, I love the tool, I’m reliable, I know what I’m doing and won’t be all ‘eww I might get banned by modding meh gamerscore’.

Aim: elliotyt10k

I’m a diamond who knows how to mod, and mod a lot. I will definitely post any errors or bugs which I find.

Not to mention I have a huge library of games to test the new update with, and multiple xbox live accounts. One other special thing about me is that my main GT, is one of the old ones, (EF11… instead of E00’s).

I also do plenty of manual modding with extracting, decompressing, and editing.

Plus my subscription isn’t running out any time soon, and I’ll be continuing to renew.

I want to be one because I would be using all the mods on there and be telling you how they work. :smiley: