Need communities help with my project- PLZ READ

I have been working on coding a project for about a month now and finally got it working properly. Now just one problem remains. I need some original nand dumps from xenon consoles with CPU key. This has nothing to do with KV’s so if you have a nand with matching key that has a banned KV, its perfect. If my project works the way its intended to I will share the results with those who choose to assist me here now. I can’t promise it will work but Idk if I dont try. I dont want to disclose any details regarding my projects purpose at the moment but it “COULD” mean big things for the 360. I appreciate even just reading but please help. And no its not for online JTAGs. So dont be flamin, ya heard. If you have a STOCK nand and CPU key you would like to share please upload it to mediafire and Msg me the link.

Thanks for your time,