Need diablo 3 modded weps/gear/gems

Hey everyone im in need of some Diablo Modded Weapons gear or Gems/jewlery im not sure how to get them but ive been told that people on Horizon help others out with stuff like this :laughing: So if anyone could please help me out with some of this it would be greatly appreciated :smile: Please reply or feel free to add/message me on Xbox. Gt - Hysteria ho

Thanks have a great day. :smirk:

for xbox one?

Yes sir

ive seen players that transfer from 360 to one and import their items that are modded and see players with modded stuff on the one right now o.o

If anyone has modded gear please share gt β€œRbot Zeref”

You should read before posting. This is for the Xbox One as well?

Even tho 1 yold post. The modding status of the Xbox One havent changed.

Anyway normally you should make your own topic when you are wondering about something. Instead of bumping old topics.

@staff this should maybe be closed?