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Need for Speed Heat Cheats and Trainer for Origin

you can tell it to sync with online save. it will reset your money amount to what it was before but you will still keep all items that you purchased

I think my local synced with my online… I have 999M on my Online now. OOF

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WeMod is acting funny for me it starts flickering like crazy when i disconnect.

I found a workaround, by disabling NFS to connect to the internet via my firewall

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A red pill strategy is to buy the most expensive parts over and over and over and when you sync back up sell the parts back for like a 25% return. Its petty money but 100 of those 10k returns well equals more than enough money. Use the money, get the cars and parts you want and then sync back up and farm some rep, rinse and repeat.

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let us know if you ever get banned :slight_smile:

so everytime I use it it doesn’t work the wemod just shakes and stops everytime I turn my wifi off so I did it the first time and it worked but this time it just keeps shakeing I don’t understand it

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But no seriously though, Its not working (Money cheat) really all i care about. I got the skills to get away from cops so thats not a problem and i dont need that. But i cant find a work around i saw someone talking about disabling NFS personally from the internet but i don’t know how to do that if someone can help that would be dope :love_you_gesture:t5::fire:

having the same problem

The Need for Speed Heat cheats have been updated!


  • Fixed vehicle health effect on Ai vehicles “Credit to REPPiN for the fix” .

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


If you are talking about disconnecting the game from the internet, the Origin client has a simple solution. If you click on ‘Origin’ at the top left you should see a ‘Go offline’ option. It is basically the same as disconnecting the game from the internet without shutting down the whole computer from the internet


nicee, thanks!!

sorry!, ahh disregard what i said earlier about the rep and what not, i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and everything shows up just fine :stuck_out_tongue:

It show the money but when I go buy a car is not working iven parts or anything !!!

I have the same problem! The money is there, but I can not buy anything :thinking:

I had the same issue initially, but if you follow it to the T, it will work.
I suggest exiting the game, going into origin(offline), restart the game w/ no cheats, when you hit the main menu go ahead and slap the money cheats on. Go into local and the money should be there. I followed the instructions and it worked after that.

Does the money cheat also work for EA Acces Premium?

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The game seems to crash whenever I leave the garage with the “no vehicle damage” cheat. Also I still take damage with it on.

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yes but when i tryed to go back it could not load in my inventory

What wouldn’t load? The money itself doesn’t persist only things you buy. I’ve had continued success with it. Go offline. turn on cheat in title menu. Play solo and buy stuff. Exit game. Go back online. Tell the game to sync local with their online save. My previous money amount resets to what it was before but my purchases remain