Need for Speed Payback Deluxe

I have the game and the trainers in WeMod but when clicking play the game boots up but WeMod does not detect it. I do have WeMod Pro so wanted to know how this can be addressed?

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The trainers we currently have for Need for Speed: Payback were designed specifically for the standard edition of the game.
The deluxe edition probably has differences in the coding of the game engine which would mean an entirely separate trainer would be required specifically for the deluxe edition.

Which store did you buy this game from? I’ll see if one of WeMod’s testers can check if our existing trainer for that store version works with deluxe edition or not. :slight_smile:

As Ravenfyre said, the trainer was made specifically for the standard edition but feel free to follow these instructions on adding a custom installation. After that you should be able to try the trainer to see if it works with the deluxe edition by chance :blush:


Ravenfyre- I purchased it through Steam last week.

Instinct- you have " feel free to follow these instructions on adding a custom installation " but no instructions given unless your referencing Ravenfyre’s post?

My sincerest apologies! I posted that from mobile and I thought I got the link in there :laughing:

Glad I have NEVER EVER did anything like that…lmao…
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That did it!
Thank you very much

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