Need for speed

anybody know if the new need for speed will be added to the games list

Can’t say for certain since there’s not a lot of information about the new NFS that is supposed to come out.
If it’s entirely mulitplayer then no. If it has singleplayer elements it will be added to the game list but you would have to request cheats for it

Well a money cheat would be great and a no damage would be great

Not here :stuck_out_tongue:
Once the game came out you can request it here :

I believe they are talking about the reboot that was released but it isnt on steam so unless @frank adds it to the list it can’t be requested

Yeah i do as well. The newest isnt on there.

@obelix1969 Its this one you talk about right?

Well I was thinking about the NFS that is supposed to come out 2017. All rumors and all that but yeah. Never thought about he meant the reboot since its not exactly new

Still, its strange if he ask about a game that`s just rumors that it comes out as well.
Either way, we got to wait on him for the conclusion.

i know this post is a bit older but its still not have any ,trainers´´ for NFS 2015… only for infinity NOS,super brake and unlock all cars(means the Icone cars like nakai sans porsche) …it would be great if WeMod Infinity get some trainer wich is really usefull for example with unlimited Money and something like exp boost for getting REP level faster (not instant max pls cuz game creators will see this verry fast)

greets Shinoja

ps. pls WeMod do something… really… it will be so great :slight_smile:

I’m still unsure which NFS is meant but I think the 2015 version was bound to online?
If not correct me. Anyways it would need to be voted for. Though I doubt anyone will vote for it.

2015 was always online,

Well then. Thank you.
@Shinoja since its mp no trainer will be made

well it has some trainers but not 1 of them give me cash ingame… thats really annoying cuz for some money u have to farm more then 2h… example: lamborghini Aventador costs 192k cash… every ,high´´ Race gives u 8-9k cash …so u can calculate how much races u need and this is WAY to much xD

greets Shinoja

PS. ye its online game but as i said… it has already trainers wich does work… only not for money and thats…in truth… that sucks xD

Most likely because money is serversided

Hmm okay…so there is no option to make some trainer for the game?

We mod does not make cheats for mp so most likely it’s a no