Need help! 4 RRoD?

Ok… After that I flashed a bad KeyVault (My bad because I flashed my KV with my stock NAND backup) and I after got a 3RRoD and I did the Sync button trick… (Holding sync while the 360’s booting) and right after 4 RRoL started flashing really fast… My 360 isn’t overheating and my AV/HDMI are all working great… Tested 2 AV and 2 HDMI cords and changed nothing… So what it means? Do I need to use J-Runner and my NAND-X to RGH my console again?

Some more information on your situation here .

This error occurs when an A/V cable isnt plugged in or is faulty so make sure that it is working.Otherwise it might be a problem with the A/V connector(probably it became loose) or a cold solder joint under the HANA chip.

  1. Try a different A/V cable and plug it in if yours is not working.
  2. Reflow the A/V connector if it became loose
  3. Reflow the HANA chip

The 4 red lights means that the AV cable is faulty/broken or not in all the way.
If you are positive that it is in all the way or you know that the AV cable is not broken.
The connector is broken. Do a reflow on it to fix it or its a cold solder joint under the (H)ANA Chip.

Any tuto for that? I m opening my box now but what will I need to reflow? Is it possible to just glue it?

My xbox is a Jasper 16mb, coolrunner on it… I have HDMI cable and tested on three TV at the moment… With two different AV and two different HDMI… BUT (A great new) now my controller can connect to xbox… So Im retrying my HDMI… AV is difinetly not working at all >.<

So after that I tried with my HDMI and that nothing happened I just got an idea… I know that it is supposed to be an AV fault… But isnt it supposed to boot with the HDMI? Today my CR cable will arrive (I think) and I ll flash my 360 back… But can you help me to find a really nice and semi-noob friendly? Im new to this kind of mod… I always been on PS3 and sometimes on my gf xbox… But now that I have my RGH I am trying to get it online… But failed and got this *** RRoL

So… Anything I can do?

If it worked before you flashed it the logical answer would you still have a bad flash. Get your original nand then build the RGH nand and reflash it. Hopefully you have your CPU key.

Yes I have it! I already backed it up… Thanks for the help! I’m a bit noob with x360 things! More used to PS3 and PC (ESP, AimBot, etc) But the x360 is harder than PS3 and a kind like creating an ESP for games… My Nand-x to CoolRunner cable should arrive today or tomorrow (Hopefully today)

EDIT: Do you have a link to a tuto…?