Need help ASAP

ok so i was doing some modding for some Dead island GPD editor for my 360 and now when i put my profile back onto my hard drive from USB and turn the xbox on…and it kind of freezes need some help kind of asap how 2 fix this any idea is nice

Do you play on Live? If you do your profile is backed up there and you can just delete it from your 360 and download it from Live.

thats the problem i cant get it to load to the dashboard it’s frozen with the loading wheel

Do you have access to a transfer cable so you can hook the hard drive directly to your PC and delete the profile with Horizon?

this works with a slim correct?

They make transfer cables for all 360 models. Remove your Hard Drive from 360 and see if it boots up fine.

Quick question did you buy a harddrive for your slim?

no my slim hardrive is in the system

There’s a little door on the bottom that you can slide and pop open. Open it and remove the hard drive and see if your 360 will start and load up like it should.

Got it …ya profile got screwed up when editing somehow when i was going back from usb to system or i just edited something wrong in the gdp files now my friend wont kill me haha

That’s why you always…Backup Everything.

Ya guess being in a hurry isnt worth the headach and plus i still learning the xbox now that i was console ban from PS lol i be sure to drop u a few thanks