Need Help. Call Of Duty Ghost DVAR Values

Looking to mod my single player for now using the horizon tool. Im looking for god mode to run through veteran. What are the values I should put in. Health is not an option.

There isn’t any dvar values for god mode yet. Iv’e tried the ones from Black Ops and they didn’t work.

how about unlimited sprint or ammo? I tried 999, but that obviously doesn’t work. Do you know max numbers to put in?

or better yet, what is the purpose of the ghost tool in horizon then :smirk:

All of these work… You can get SUPER increased health, but not full godmode.

dog_MeleeDamage - 0
g_player_maxhealth 2000
player_debugHealth 2000
isgodmode - 1
player_deathInvulnerableTime - 999
player_damageMultiplier - 0
player_sprintUnlimited - 1
player_radiusDamageMultiplier - 0
player_meleeDamageMultiplier - 0
g_radiusDamageMax - 0
aim_autoaim_enabled - 1
aim_target_sentient_radius - 1000
aim_autoAimRangeScale - 1000
bg_weaponBobAmplitudeBase - 0
bg_viewBobAmplitudeBase - 0
cg_drawFPS -1
scr_player_maxhealth - 2000

Use all the increased health DVARs and try not to suck too bad. If it’s anything like the older CoD games it’s not too difficult.

Just boost your health and damage, and lower enemy health.

Thanks billy I appreciate it, And im not having trouble with the game I just want to fly through veteran and not have to take cover every 5 seconds from being shot to unlock the mask. :thumbsup:

It’d be pretty neat if the tool included a unlock for such things.

Has anyone tested this?

Yea, me. Multiple times with different missions. Works every time.

Tried them today, works great. FYI once you fix your values and save to device, when you go to play campaign you have to ““resume play”” . Every time I tried to pick from the mission list to play a certain mission on veteran it copied over it.

Thanks for the DVARS! However, for some reason I’ve been getting an error while the map/game is loading. “SAVE_STRING_MAX_SIZE exceeded in save game”. Does this mean I’ve simply added too many dvars at once? Have you tried using all of these at the same time with success? I tried not adding a few but still received the same error. Any idea what the problem could be? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Is this for online multiplier or for single player mode. And how do I load a dvar into horizon, I have only been able to load a modio game save so far for ghost but I don’t think it did anything for my game.

any more?

Seriously? This is for campaign…

Does it carry over from mission to mission like Blop?

they work great however most reset at the next mission.any way to prevent this?

I get “input string was not in the correct format” when trying to add just one of them :anguished:

what dvar is it and what value did you put??

do i have to upgrade before i can do any modding for cod…when i mention upgrade i mean upgrade my horizon account