Need help downloading infinity errors pic inside

Make sure you are the admin and disable any AV you are running while you install so there is nothing blocking it from installing.

you think you can help me with team viewer i tried that then i got that. it was working fine then infinity updated and now its not

oh forgot to add this pic

I’m on my phone so I can’t TV you but it looks like something is deleting the installer when it is being unpacked. I would delete the old version and download the newest one from the site and try again.

ok so an old version is on my pc… ill try deleting the old version if i have it. where do i find the old version?


Then look for a daring development folder and delete it.

not working

removed it still not working

Strange… Try installing this first:

when i tried downloading that it said i already had it downloaded it and it stopped the install
cant post pic cuz it is counted as spam or something