Need Help for a mod

I want to know , how i mod my crown like , to make it sync for xbox live , without they reseting it , somebody help me please? thanks for the attention.

You can change your crown by using the Horizon tool, although it’s very risky.

I don’t think they just reset it, I think you get banned as well.

i tried on a friend profile , but it just resets the number to zero , anybody knows the solution for that?

First off this is simple… And 2nd the chances of getting banned for doing it once is low i’ve done it on my old profile and set it to 10 years and didn’t even get banned so its up to you

and they didn´t reset your 10 years ? could you explain me the steps you did to that ? please

I just used Horizon and make sure you are signed out on your Xbox 360 then put your Profile on the USB then Edit it with the tool on Horizon and then Rehash and Resign Save to your Device then sign back in once you put it in it was that easy