Need help getting HDMI cable to work on xbox

so i have a 720p Samsung plasma and when i plug my HDMI cable into my xbox then go to HDMI on my source menu, it says “mode not supported” so when i plugged my AV cables back in it worked just fine on “component 1” so how do i get my HDMI cable to work?

also if you could tell me the recommended settings for an HDMI to an xbox that would be great

I have never heard of this. HDMI is HDMI. I do not know of any modes… Does it have to do with your Xbox’s output quality? I do not know but that is my only guess.

Change it to 1080p on your Xbox?

Does your hdmi support 720p?

Connect the hdmi cable and boot the console with a controller once the controller connects hold the “Y” and Right Trigger (RT) buttons at the same time, the console should reboot and reset the display settings.

Just a thought, But does the TV Actually Support HDMI.
My TV Always changes the Options on the Source Menu, Once it was HDMI Then changed to 'Game’
So, Maybe try reading the manual of the TV. <— Not ****y

If it didn’t support it, he wouldn’t be able to plug it in… :expressionless:

If changing the display on the console settings doesnt work then IDK.

I have actually had a problem like this. Its not just a once in a blue moon deal. To get my 360 and TV to work together via HDMI, I need to wiggle the HDMI connector on the back of my Xbox every time I start it up. If I dont do that, the Xbox doesnt recognize my controller and the wifi adapter light wont even come on.

Sounds like you need a new Xbox/HDMI cable :laughing: