Need help getting mod to work with Farm Together game on 32-bit windows 10

My Mom got me the Farm Together game on Steam, and directed me to download the WeMod app to use with it. When I open the game, WeMod tells me the cheats were made for 64-bit and I’m running 32-bit.

I have tried opening the game through the WeMod app as my Mom directed me too, as
well as tried opening it through Steam then tabbing to the app, clicking play, and tabbing back to the game. I get the same message either way.

The laptop I’m using can (I think) be switched to run 64-bit, but I have read that it will completely wipe everything even personal files, and it’s not my laptop. My sister lent it to me as I am away from home in another state. She still has all of her files and stuff on here.

Is there any work around for this?

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Well that usually fixes things when you get the 32bit and 64 bit thing
Start the game from steam then when ingame alt tab then press the play button in wemod then click back into game
And sometimes in steam you can choose 32 or 64 bit in options and some games if you find where you downloaded the game to will be an option to start the game for 32 exe or 64 exe
Ya no need to change the PC to 64. Its just the game