Need help modding

Iam new to modding how do u mod gta v?

It’s easy to mod offline campaign mode with Horizon, if you’re wondering about online that’s not possible. You should always backup your original save just in case something goes wrong during the modding. To do this simply right click on your save in device explorer and drag it out to your desktop, that will be your backup.

To mod your offline campaign save follow these instructions:

  1. Format your USB drive on your 360 if you haven’t done so already.
  2. Move the GTAV save you want to mod to your USB drive.
  3. Put your USB drive in a USB slot on your PC.
  4. Open the Horizon program.
  5. Find your GTAV save in the Games folder in the device explorer to the right of the Horizon window.
  6. Double click on your GTAV save to open the GTAV editor, your save will be ready to mod now.
  7. Make the changes you want to your save, and then click the red Save button to save those changes.
  8. Put USB drive back into your 360, you can either move the save back to your hard drive or just play from the flash drive by selecting to load from the flash drive when you start GTAV.

That’s about it. Give it a shot, and post back if you need more assistance. Happy modding!

I’m new to this. I’ve downloaded horizon recently, when I run in (as administrator ) and put the flash drive in (formatted by the xbox) the device explorer doesn’t do anything.

after a little searching someone suggested it was the firewall… however with my firewall turned off… the device explorer when i put the flash drive in does flicker the blue loading bar at the base but still shows no devices…

hi bud
I see modded on line accounts for sale …? s there such a thing…? I would realy like to learn how to mode my xbox… my xbox is set up for hot swaping discs…so I know vhow that works…I realy want to do mods on gtav online… any help ???