Need help new to modding

i need some help in how to do the online usb mod on xbox 360 for gta 5

That wont work.

yeah i got that so can you tell me what i can do to get close to what i need to fight a modder thats been killing me and doing what ever he wants to me every time we are in thwe same lobby i wont run and hide from no one but i would love to at less be abould to kill him

People got modified Xbox`s called Jtag or RGH. They could make such an lobby and drop money. Not likely tho.

I dont know any other methood atm. You could try google tho.

If you are on Xbox One
Easier way would to play on PC and get dropped the money there.
Its more modders on PC, then you transfere the acc to your Xbox one.

well thanks for the info im on a xbox 360 so i guess theres nothing i can do about him killing me

Not that i can come up with now.
I hosted money lobbies when it first came out.
Its not that safe now :confused: Nothing is tho.

Check around on google if people host GTA V Money Lobbies or something.
Thats your best bet.

Or you could invest in a Jtag / RGH. If you really want it

ok how can i invite a jtag or rgh i reallty do want him to know im not just going to let this go on with out a fight i even got band from my first profile thats how far hes gone

Normally you have to know someone with a JTAG / RGH to get into a lobby like that. If you dont gonna invest and buy yourself one.

Its not that we have a list of everyone with a JTAG/RGH