Need help on how to get MW2 for Free

Hey guys i tried to get mw2 for free and when i start it up it says disc unreadable :anguished: Please help me.

What EXACTLY do you need help with whats wrong?

Well i put the game on my usb and everything. Then i started it up and it always says disc unreadable :anguished:

Like you download from xbox360iso? put in on the USB or ??? Need more Info?

Here’s your solution: Don’t be a cheap ass and buy the game.

I’m not sure why it says “Disc Unreadable” but if it says “Can’t start game” that means you need to sign in the secondary profile and start the game up, but if you’re getting a “Disc Unreadable” error, I’m guessing you missed a file while injecting the game.

What program are you using to inject? If you’re using modio don’t. It will always corrupt it for some reason.

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If your disc is scratched, go rent mw2, then install that disc to your HDD and the ****ed up one will work. If it just does not start, that means you have corrupted your data on your HDD, OR… your xbox is messed up.

He is trying to get the GOD(Game on Demand) Version

Oh, in that case… I do not think you can, i mean you can, but you will risk being console banned so i will not share on how to :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been doing it for 7 months now and I’ve never been banned. People who say you will be banned for this are paranoid.

Lol wow, because i did it to get all the CoD maps for free, well i was going to til i heard they will ban you, whatever, time to go get some free ****

Well I don’t have balls of steel.