Need help paying

Hi, I’m new to Wemod. I want to buy Pro so I can use your trainer, but I can’t seem to buy the subscription. I have a prepaid visa card that I just bought today to use. The card has enough money, my zip code is registered with the card and it is ready to use. I even tested it by spending $5. The card 100% works. But your website doesn’t want to accept it. I tried buying Pro with the card for an hour and it keeps giving me the same “There was a problem updating your payment method”. Once again, I want to reiterate, my card is working, it’s not declined, I have more than enough to buy the Pro subscription. Nothing is wrong with it. Please, I need help. I want to use your trainer.

Not all cards allow recurring subscriptions. I would check with Visa and see if there is anything additional you need to do.

I’ve been checking with Visa all day. Nothing is wrong with the card. Is there any other way that I can pay for the subscription?

Unfortunately we cannot accept payment any other way.

A prepaid Visa card does not allow recurring subscriptions.
You can however setup paypal with that card and use paypal on checkout

Hi all! :slight_smile:
I try to buy pro, but it gives error ‘there was a problem updating your payment method’

I want to buy pro, because I love WeMod :wink:

I have tried to both Visa Electron and Paypal! I have enough money to buy pro plan with monthly payment in card and paypal! What to do?

You need something that allows subscription like a credit or debit card.
Either directly or linked trough paypal. Reading trough what Visa Electron is I saw that most companies/Online stores or even offline terminals don’t accept it since you can’t check if the money is on the card. This may be the reason why it doesn’t work.
I’m not an admin so this is not an 100% answer it may be wrong. But that’s what I think is the problem.