Need help please

i used to use horizon to transfer games from my pc to my internal harddrive in my xbox 360 with a usb stick now when i try to copy the games to my usb stick it won’t allow me to copy them i can’t figure out how to do it can someone tell me how to horizon to copy games thank you

Does Horizon give you an error message or it just isn’t allowing you to transfer games?

I’m a bit confused, but if I am correct… First of, is there enough space on your USB?

What is stopping you from transferring the files? Is an error showing on Horizon?

Try running Horizon as an administrator.

Horizon only supports valid PIRs packages so if you are trying to move games you’ve downloaded it will not work.

Yes i am trying to transfer games that i downloaded how do i transfer jtag games that i downloaded thanks i use to be able to inject the usb useing horizon

How long ago was this? To my knowledge horizon hasn’t supported that for a very long time. I use FatXplorer for transferring anything that isn’t signed.

its been a while since fifa 14 and madden 14

You’re going to have to use FATXplorer or Modio (not adverting) if you’d like to transfer the raw files from the iso.

Assuming the files look like this?

Gengar yes that is sort of the way the folders are how do i use these programs i have them both but i can’t figure out how to use them could you please explain how to put the folders on my usb so that i can transfer them to my xbox thank you for your help

You can only do this if you have a modded console (JTAG/RGH).

This isn’t possible on a retail Xbox.

I do like i said before i used to be able to inject into the usb and copy on my internal hdd in the xbox